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The Renegat: A Diving Universe Novel
Kristine Kathryn Rusch


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As a young recruit, brilliant engineer Nadim Crowe accidentally destroys an entire Scrapheap full of ships. Now, decades later, he ends up on the crew of the Renegat, the only ship in the Fleet ever sent on a mission backwards to investigate an ancient Scrapheap.

Something invaded that Scrapheap and the Fleet wants to know what. Or who.

The Renegat: The only ship the Fleet dares risk. The Renegat: A ship of misfits and screw-ups sent on an impossible mission. All alone in deep space.

A thrilling new addition to the Diving Universe.

The Diving Kickstarter was a success!

The Diving Universe Kickstarter ended last night with a real bang. We ended up at 11x our ask, which amazed me. I had envisioned this Kickstarter as a fan-love project, one that only true fans would be interested in. I expected enough $5 and $15 backers to get us to $2000. Instead, people surprised me, right from the start.

I was spot-on about where the most backers would be, but I hadn’t expected so many. Nor had I expected how many people wanted to sample the Diving universe, even before we achieved some of the bigger stretch goals.

All of this is a long way of saying thank you to everyone who backed the Kickstarter. You’ve really humbled me and pleased me at the same time. I appreciate how much you folks like the series, and how much you’re willing to support it.

Thank you!

The Diving Universe Kickstarter

Because you folks are amazingly awesome. I’ve seen some of the promotion that you’re doing on social media (not all of it, because I’m only on Facebook and Twitter a few times a day), and what you’re doing rocks! Thank you for not only backing this Kickstarter, but letting your friends know. I really appreciate it.

Now, we’re on to the 4th stretch goal, and we have a chance of making it, with 11 or so days left. That’ll add the ebook version of short story collection The Early Conundrumsand two more short stories, as well as all six advanced business lectures (for writers and small business owners). The lecture series is a $250 value all by itself.

We have plans for a 5th stretch goal, which I will put up shortly. Because, honestly, I had never expected to hit one stretch goal, let alone all of these. So I’m sticking with the way we’ve structured this Kickstarter: we unlock a stretch goal, and aim toward the next, while I put up the one after that, so the path forward is somewhat clear. 

But first—and most important of all—thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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In case you’re not paying attention to the Kickstarter (and why would you, really?), I thought I would point out that we hit our initial goal within about 18 hours of the start. Which surprised the heck out of me. I figured it would take until the middle of the Kickstarter run to get there. But it only took a few hours.


What that meant for us, though, was that we had to figure out another stretch goal. We had one, but we needed a second. We posted that late yesterday. So now, if you back the Kickstarter and ask for a reward, you’ll get whatever you signed up for as well as two novellas and a WMG lecture (worth $50)…if we hit both stretch goals.

Again, thank you for all the support. This outpouring for the Diving universe means a great deal to me.