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A Sale And A Gift Guide

Prometheus Books, which owns the imprint Pyr, which published Diving into the Wreck is having a holiday sale. 20% off on all orders, plus free shipping.  You can find that information here.

And their gift guide, which you can find here, says this about Diving into the Wreck:

Critics are raving about this “page-turning space adventure” (Publisher’s Weekly) that’s “like something out of Golden Age sci-fi” (Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf) with a “no-nonsense, eventful, occasionally mysterious narrative that contains all the best dialogue of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, the adventure of an Indiana Jones movie, and the philosophical and scientific chops of Isaac Asimov himself…highly recommended for anyone who enjoys space adventure stories, superb characterization, and tight plotting.” (Grasping for the Wind)

They have lots of great sf/f books on their list, so check it all out.

Diving Is Mallozzi’s January Book of the Month Club Selection!

Joseph Mallozzi, sf afficionado, also happens to be one of the producers of the various Stargate shows runs a book of the month club on his website. He has selected Diving into the Wreck for his January book.  Head on over there to see what he does–and submit some questions for the January discussion. Here’s the link.