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The Runabout Appears…In A Magazine!

Last fall, I surprised myself by selling the magazine rights for The Runabout to Asimov’s. Yes, before you ask, there will still be a standalone book edition, but this magazine publication comes first.

This week, the issue appeared, making The Runabout the first novel published in its entirety in Asimov’s in the magazine’s 40-year history. I’m grateful for all the faith that Sheila Williams has in my work. As a former digest magazine editor, I know how much an editor has to believe in a writer to use up that much real estate on one piece of fiction.

If you want to sample the story before picking up the issue, click here for the excerpt.

The actual standalone book will appear in October in ebook, paper, and audio editions. So if you can wait for that, go ahead. (I’ll let you know when you can preorder it.) But you can find out what happens next right here, right now, by getting Asimov’s, and you’ll also get even more great fiction from some of my favorite short fiction writers (including but not limited to Karen Joy Fowler and Dale Bailey).

 Asimov’s is available as both print and ebook editions. You can get the magazine on Amazon, but you can also order from the Asimov’s website itself.

Get Your Copy of Diving Signed–at Radcon

I’ll be joining my husband Dean Wesley Smith, editor Ellen Datlow, and Tim Kirk as Guests of Honor at Radcon, a science fiction convention held in Washington State, on February 12-14. There will be a booksigning on February 11.

We’re stepping in for a few guests who’re having health issues. It should be a grand time–Radcon usually is–and it’s small, so that everyone can interact.

Check out the venue and the con here. I’ve been to it before, and it’s a lot of fun. Come join us!

Diving Into The Wreck Nominated For Best SF Novel

Diving into the Wreck has been nominated for Best Science Fiction novel of the year by RT Book Reviews! For a list of all of the nominees in all the various categories, look here. There are a lot of really good books in various genres on here.

As for the nominees in this category, they are:

Best Science Fiction:
MAELSTROM- Taylor Anderson
BLONDE ROOTS- Bernardine Evaristo
BLACK BLOOD- John Meaney
DIVING INTO THE WRECK- Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Good luck all!  And thanks, RT.